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From the 15th until the 18th of October I had the pleasure to explore the acoustic possibilities of the Rib building during a four-day residency in the space. 

Taking as a starting point the aerodynamic connection between the Dutch fluyt, a17th-century cargo ship, and the flute, I focused on exploring the potential flute acoustic of the Rib building by amplifying and manipulating the wind frequencies in and around the building itself and bridge these elements with the sound world of the Rotterdam harbour.

The result of this exploration came to life in four live events that happened during a period of sound and movement experimentation in the space, exploring with voice, pipes and other materials, the acoustic possibilities available from the perspective of a sound designer, instrument maker and flautist.

Residency - Program

Embodying Rib #1 - Sound Installation

October 15th, 2019 - 17h00


During this day Tatiana will be exploring the sound sources offered by Rib by means of recording and transforming the soundscape of the building itself and its surrounding space.

At 17h00 doors will open for people to experience the amplification and transformation of this sound material inside the gallery space and witness the results of the research led that day.

Embodying Rib #2 - Guided sound/movement interaction with the space

October 16th, 2019 - 17h00


In opposition of what happened in the first day, this time Tatiana will not focus on the sounds that are produced by the building itself but on exploring how to produce new sounds with what the building has to offer.

Having in mind the geographical context of the space, great part of this research will connect with the sound of the wind and how that can be transposed to breath, pipes and flutes.

At 17h00 doors will be open for a guided sound/movement interaction with the space.



Embodying Rib #3 - Lecture/performance by Frans-Willem and Tatiana Rosa

October 17th, 2019 - 17h00


On day three Rosa will be accompanied by Frans-Willem van Kosten who will perform a script he has developed for this event titled: The interventionist flute.



Embodying Rib #4 - Performance by Tatiana Rosa

October 18th, 2019 - 19h00


Tatiana Rosa will do a small performance around the work and research developed from her residency at Rib. 

This performance will focus on Rib’s intrinsic and extrinsic qualities as an instrument in itself and the relationship established between the space and a human body.

By the end of the performance there will be a designated time for Questions & Answers around the performance and the work developed during the residency.

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