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My artistic practice is deeply rooted on the empowering force of sound as agency, endowing materialities with their distinct sonic idiosyncrasy and fostering independent behavioural structures.

This essence of sound, whether manifested through sonification processes or human vocalization, is pivotal in shaping narratives that transcendthe conventional boundaries of communication and interaction.

My artistic approach is deeply linked with the use of electronics, digital tools, as well as literal and intuitive
interpretation of data. The integration of these multimedia and interactive systems in my music, allows for a
strong relation and interplay between sound and the surrounding technological environment. Through my
work I aim to redirect the use of technology and data driven experiences, by subverting their use, while
establishing close relationships between art, social inequality, and technological impact.


This practice often entails a large number of collaborators and commissions which substantially contribute to the growth of my own practice. These insightful processes became the vessel of many areas of work I had the opportunity to get acquainted with, and sustained collaborations from which works are born. These collaborative system have proven themselves to be evolutionary and to hold potential for surprising change as they do not have self-defined spatial or temporal boundaries.

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