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My current research is deeply linked with contemporary performance art’s potential to fuel socio-political change. In my work, I try to expand on the close relationship between art, social inequality and technological impact.

As an audiovisual maker my aim is to articulate a conceptual space that leads to a shared cognitive experience between myself (as a maker performer) and the audience.

In my most recent works, this has been achieved by performing translations from one media art form to another. These began to occur naturally, by way of a growing interest in concepts such as synesthesia, synchronization and processes such as intermedia translation and interpretation and the way these can relate to the social sphere.

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Art is chaos, it is made of an intricate pattern of raw human emotions, untranslatable languages and colours. This array of languages and forms of art are the main core of my work. Developing multidisciplinary performances and mixing artistic languages just like a painter uses its palette.

I'm a founding member of Trash Panda Collective and  Ensemble mpmp.

Since 2020 I'm a member of Splendor Amsterdam as part of their Jonge Honden program.

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