QueerAble In/stabilities

In times dominated by visual inputs or perfection and beauty in the media, 'passing' as able accentuates self-conflicted stigma and perpetuity anxieties related to symptoms of discrimination and isolation. 


QueerAble adaptations is a vulnerable encounter that reclaims space to other expires. It articulates utterance and sonic flows produced by a device as an extension of the body, a sound instrument that amplifies the resonance of a non-normalized (free) movement.

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In the age of A.I. with communicating internet bots, algorithms leading our search engines and heavily influencing our access to information and world’s view, is a performer still an essential part of the performance?


No-One Show is partly a 360° film, and partly a live performance. The film is a completely immersive experience, viewed through VR headset and headphones. After that there is a live interactive part performed with the same actor, who urges the audience to take off their VR headset and headphones and, through various activities with each other, make people connect on a basic level.

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Lurings is a hybrid installation weaving through the forms of movement, puppetry, choreographic objects, and live electronics. With the accentuated need to connect within the imposed limitations of today’s world, this installation offers a way of distance participation.


A series of composed objects are suspended with strings in space and interact with an object on the floor creating a 3rd affect. Every movement of the string produces pre-curated electronic sounds. These objects are activated from the other end of the string from a distance by the audience, creating a rhythmic play on sensorial qualities with visuals and sounds.

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Embodying Rib

Embodying Rib is the response to an invitation from De Fluyt en de Hoi, a program developed and guided by Paul Elliman. For De Fluyt en de Hoi, Elliman has asked a group of artists to respond to his directive to explore the life of Rib’s building along with the Charlois neighborhood and the city surrounding it.

Amsterdam-based flautist and sound artist Tatiana Rosa explored the acoustic possibilities of the Rib building during a four-day residency in the space.

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Zamenhof Project - Breaking the Codes

Breaking the Codes: Zamenhof Project, by the young music theater maker Jerzy Bielski, is a music theater project inspired by the ideas and the life of Ludwik Zamenhof, the creator of the universal language Esperanto and promoter of world peace. 


The international cast, consisting of actors, musicians and dancers who speak seven languages ​​between them, engage the audience in an exploration of communication (or miscommunication) and language. And the audience will not stay seated the whole time, but will be free to discover the space and installations together with the performers.

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Promises is an invitation to take a closer look at promises as game-changers in our individual and collective takes on life. 

It offers a different perspective to the usual meaning of the word, or so to say, an extended one: promise as the intertwining of faith and desire, a formula (promise = desire + faith) we use to cope with things we can the fully grass.

What do we wake up for every day?

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