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The Futurists work on an interdisciplinary basis. It is very important for us to have a team of qualified perspectives in every project. This is because we strive for a truly unique experience for the audience, by combining innovative technologies with performance art, theater elements, movement, sound installations, video and light. All these elements each always have
an equal share of the experience.
Even before the rehearsal period starts, a lot of work goes into the preparation.
Nevertheless, this collaboration means that much of the work comes about on stage, when all the performers and creators meet and have the time to put their ideas into practice and work together.

The core of the collective is formed by three permanent makers: Jerzy Bielski, Tatiana Rosa and Thomas Merk.
For each project, the core team is supplemented with other makers in the disciplines required by the project. As artistic director, Jerzy makes a definitive choice to guarantee unity of style.

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