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Program with no restraints

Perform with no dread

Never decline a challenge 

Multimedia performances, subversive experiments and genre-defying music: international ensemble the Trash Panda Collective knows no boundaries.

Trash Panda was formed in Amsterdam in 2016. Rules and limitations have never really existed. Its unorthodox instrumentation, reflecting its members’ diverse musical practices and language, allows it to sound anywhere between a contemporary music ensemble and a teenage rock band rehearsing in the garage. It is still uncertain to the ensemble’s members if this is a good or a bad thing.


Perhaps we are an ensemble.

A composer, a saxophonist, a percussionist, a flutist and a harpsichord player walked into a bar, in Porto, with loud music playing. Now they've caught up with each other in Amsterdam and got to work. Others have answered the call.

(Those damn trash pandas keep tearing up my garbage bags.)

A project may involve a full ensemble playing an hour-long piece on instruments.

Another one may consist of a conductor left alone on stage with half of the ensemble shooting water pistols at him whilst the others try to shield him. (The shields are made of loudspeakers and there might be a bicycle running. Audience could join in.).

Another one may consist of a conductor, riding a bicycle made of loudspeakers. With chains. Vaguely like Alice.

Just as a general idea.


We are Trash Panda.

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